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About Us

Full Draw Leasing LLC was created by member and manager Justin Holdren, to help sportsman come together with landowners to find quality hunting leases.

For the past 20 plus years I have been an avid hunter and outdoorsman with great places to hunt. Over the past few years I have lost some prime hunting ground due to development and land transfers. I know the hassle of trying to locate new hunting grounds, it's not as easy as it was years ago. After realizing that I was not the only hunter with this problem, FULL DRAW LEASING LLC was created.

Our goal is to help others like myself locate good quality hunting grounds with hassle free lease agreements for hunters and landowners. With Full Draw you can implement your own management practices for trophy whitetails and or turkey, with the options of planting food plots with the landowners permission.

At Full Draw Leasing LLC we know that with family's to take care of and jobs there is not much time left in the day, so let us do the door knocking and legwork so you and your family and friends can continue to carry on the great tradition of hunting the great outdoors.

Thanks and good luck this hunting season!