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Landowners who are thinking about leasing their property can contact us by e-mail or phone. All lease agreements are between landowner and the hunter, we handle all the lease contracts. Thanks for choosing Full Draw Leasing LLC.

After contacting us we will visit your property and assess the land for quality and value. There is no obligation to lease with us, this assessment is FREE. You will be given an estimated lease value of your property before we leave, we will do all the work.

If you choose to use our service aerial photos and land descriptions will be placed on this site for hunters to look at. All lessee's sign a liability waiver releasing you the landowner of any liability. Also it is mandatory that all lessee's carry a $1 million dollar liability insurance policy with a $2 million dollar aggregate. Landowners will be added to the policy as additionally insured.

Lease agreements will be for 1 to 5 years, this is up to you to decide how long it will be. After the first year if you are satisfied and the hunter likes the lease we can renew the lease for a determined time. This will be an exclusive hunting lease meaning only the lessee's will be able to hunt the lease no one else.


  • Extra Income
  • Reduce crop damage
  • Hassle free
  • If the lessee breaks the lease agreement it can be terminated depending on the situation
  • All hunters (lessee's) sign a liability waiver releasing the landowner from any liability
  • Landowner decides what weapons will be allowed ie: gun, bow etc.
  • There will be a maximum number of hunters allowed on the lease
  • If you live out of town someone will be there occasionally to monitor your property and keep out trespassers