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 First off sorry about the picture quality a better picture can be sent by email upon request. This is a 65 AC. lease in Ross county Ohio about 57 AC. are wooded. The leases consists of rolling hills, ridges, mature hardwoods, creeks, and a bottom field. While scounting this lease i jumped plenty of deer in the bottoms and on the ridge tops feeding on acorns. There were alot of well used deer trails as well as some good sign, there is also an abundance of turkey on the lease as well.  There is a place to park a camper or Rv with water and electric hook up. This is a really nice piece of property call or email us today to secure this great Ohio lease.









This lease is a total of 128 acres located in Hillsboro Ohio highland county. The lease is in two seperate parcels one is 84 acres the other is 44 acres the two are very close to each other. This area has produced some great bucks in the past one that might stand out is the Stevens buck that was killed in highland county a few year ago a truly great buck. The 84 acre tract consists of timber, creeks, crop land, and good cover. This tract is one of the few farms in the area that has crops on it a big plus, The land is gently rolling and flat in spots just a great piece of property with plenty of pinch points and good funnels. while scouting this property the landowner and i jumped quite a few deer and saw lots of good sign and well used trails. Just after walking the property a few days later the landowner called and had saw a 16 point buck on the 84 acre tract said he was huge. 

The 44 acre tract is on flat ground and has crops, patches of timber, and tree lines, A great place for the big buck to hang out.

Call or send us an email for a chance to hunt this great piece of property in southern Ohio with the potential to kill that buck of a lifetime!!


LEASE PRICE: $4,000      AVAILABLE FOR THE 2012-2013 SEASON!!         








 This is a 160 acre lease located in Menford, Ohio Scioto county. The tract consists of crop land, woods, creek bottoms, and pine thickets. This is a honey hole for that buck of a lifetime with plenty of bedding areas, food sources, and a good supply of water with the creeks. The pine thickets are about 10-12 feet tall and are an excellent place for those big bucks to hide out. This lease holds plenty of deer and turkey with an abundance of sign. Food plots are welcome in designated areas as well as the use of ATV's. There is also a place out of the way for a camper or tent if needed. This area is close to where i have harvested my biggest buck to date, great area. This lease wont last call or email us today to set up an appointment to scout this great lease in Ohio. 






 250 prime acres of hardwoods and thick brush for lease on the border of Muskingum and Morgan county Ohio. Muskingum county is one of the top ranked counties in Ohio for producing monster bucks. This property has crop fields, watering sources consisting of a pond and creeks, bedding areas, travel corridors, ridge tops, benches, and plenty of red and white oaks for the deer , also food plots if you desire, and lots more. About a 1 acre corn field has been planted in the bottoms of the west end of the property for the deer to feed on, there are 3 more small grass fields located behind this corn field that can be utilized as food plots, a great spot to ambush that buck of a lifetime. The landowner will plant these plots using his equipment, ask us for more details. This is a great property while scouting this land i saw many big rubs and active scrapes throughout the property, as well as jumped plenty of deer. The landowner has taken deer off of this property in the 160's but no longer hunts. Also on the west side of the property is a small patch of big pines a great place for those turkeys to roost for you turkey hunters. There is an old house that can be used as a hunting cabin with electric but in rough shape, RV's, Camper's, Tent's, and 4 wheelers are welcome. Secure this PRIME lease now just in time for the rut





 123 AC for lease in Clinton county Wilmington, Ohio.  This is a great piece of property it has it all big timber,ditch lines,tree lines,CRP FIELDS,a water source,crop fields, and big bucks along with turkey.  There has been many nice deer taken on and around this lease in the 140's and bigger. This lease has a good food source, plenty of bedding area, and a water source for the whitetail.  The landowner has agreed to let the lease holder plant food plots and help improve wildlife habitat on the lease. This whitetail paradise wont last long contact us today.  

LEASE PRICE: $ 2,700



195 acres for lease in champaign county Urbana Ohio with the Mad river flowing through it. This lease has wooded areas along with crop land,ditch lines and about a half mile of the Mad river running through it. There are many very well used game trails running through the lease. This area has produced some great bucks, I was told that there was a 178 inch buck taken just right down the road from this lease. The landowner of this lease has taken some bucks in the 130-150 range in the past years on this lease. Food plots can be planted in designated areas,ATV's can be used to bring out harvested deer and to place treestands,there is also a place to camp if needed no electric is available. There is some great trout fishing in the Mad river,it is stocked each year with about 10,000 trout. With the options to plant food plots and the river running through the lease this can be a great honey hole for that buck of a lifetime.




40 acres in wilmington, ohio this is a small lease with big buck potential. When i scouted the lease i jumped 13 deer out of the brush and tree lines. There are many very well used deer trails leading onto this lease from the surrounding properties. There was alot of deer sign fresh and old as well as some old rubs from last year, this area has been known to produce some great bucks. The lease consists of tree and ditch lines, brush cover and crop fields a great place for that big buck to hide. There has been a big buck spotted on this lease last year by a neighbor, as far as we know he is still roaming the area




This lease is 85 acres in Williamsburg, Ohio Clermont county. It has 15 acres of grass fields where you can plant food plots if you like, the rest is a mixture of young timber and mature hardwoods. With the options for the food plots this can be a great place to harvest trophy deer and manage the way you like. When we scouted this lease we saw alot of old rubs and plenty of deer, along with turkey. There is a very small ditch that runs through a portion of the lease that had water in it, a great place to enjoy this hunting season.

Lease price: $1,600  LEASED

Ohio Hunting Lease

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